★★★★★ Critics' Choice

"Smoker is Smooth and Satisfying!”

- All About Solo • Full Review


“A more endearing and genuine performer than Bob Brader would be hard to find indeed. Don't miss this unique, highly entertaining, first-class show!”

- Hi Drama Full Review


“Eloquent and entertaining… a solid addition to the literary genre exploring the mystique and fetishization of smoking.”

- Theater Scene Full Review



"Bob Brader is a dynamic storyteller with a wonderful, strong voice and a talent for creating visuals and characters…We’re hooked!”

- Winnipeg Free Press • Full Review



"Smoker is Addictive Theatre: It's 80 minutes of storytelling that feels like 30, a feat few actors have the talent to pull off....Smoker is compelling theatre, fueled by Brader’s masterful storytelling and acting talent, a show that must not be missed!"

- London Free Press Full Review


“A Seemingly Personal Story with Universal Resonance: Brader’s signature mix of humor, autobiography and his fantastic gift for storytelling sets the bar high—go and take it in!”

- The London Yodeler Full Review


“Bob Brader’s Smoker is the Standout Performance…His autobiographical storytelling style and stage presence has more honesty than I’ve seen in a long while…In Brader’s tale love conquers all. A Winner!”

- Larry Littany Litt, New York Theatre Wire Full Review


“Brader tells a good story, both engaging and captivating. If you smoke, or used to smoke, you will live everything here. If you’ve never smoked, you share a slice of the insidious evil of this affliction.”

- The Jenny Revue


“Actor writer and storyteller Bob Brader applies the creative alchemy of artistic storytelling with demonstrated impact on audiences. Smoker which deals with the impact of his abusive father on his relationships with cigarettes/smoking, pivots with remarkable agility from the comedic to the tragic in his compelling, truthful portrayal of 24 characters…Smoker combines Brader’s lived experiences with brilliant use of narrative structure and acting that pulls the audience into moments of raw reality to powerful effect!”

- Jude Treder-Wolff, Medium Full Review



“I've seen a lot of solo shows and this one stands out from the pack. Whether you're a smoker or not, Smoker brilliantly written and performed by Bob Brader and directed by Suzanne Bachner will move you as a human being and inspire you as a solo performer. It is the perfect storm of excellent writing, incredible storytelling, magnificent acting and impressive and deft direction. Don't miss it!”

- Robin Gelfenbien - Storyteller, Speaker and Co-Founder of The Story Whisperers



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